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The Adventist Heritage Cooperative Fund (AHCoF) Ghana Limited (previously referred to as Ghana Adventist Heritage Fund) has been the development Fund of the Church in Ghana. It was initially established as a denominational workers’ fund in March 2009 by West Central Africa Division (WAD). As the years passed, the idea was broadened to rope in the Unions, Conferences, Institutions and churches in Ghana with the creation of a Secretariat in Accra on June 1, 2011. The Fund was renamed Ghana Adventist Heritage Fund and its operations was moved from WAD (Abidjan) to Ghana with a total Asset value of GHS430,137.17(US$262.358.75) and a total membership of 138, comprising 2 conferences (East Ghana Conference and Central Ghana Conference), 1 institution (The Advent Press) and 135 denominational workers.

The division voted for the Ghana Union Conference to operate the Fund in December 2012. We are pleased to announce that the Lord has been faithful. At the time of handing over to the Ghana Union Conference of SDA, the total asset of the Fund was GHS2,941,501.07. This amount comprised of GHS2,902,639.56 Total Contribution and GHS38,861.51 in reserve. By the Grace of God, the total assets of the fund has increased to GHS50,519,478.40 as at 31st December 2020 comprising GHS47,974,778.78 in Contributions and GHS2,028,078.88 in Reserves. At the end of December 2020, the Fund had supported various church projects totaling GHS47,327,942.00 as well as supported Church workers to own houses, vehicles and other equipment for effective ministry.

At the inception of the reorganization of the Ghana Union Conference, the two executive committees agreed to have the Fund operated at the national level. The Board of the Ghana Adventist Heritage Fund was also reorganized. Currently the two unions have equal representation on the Board. The Fund has great potential in helping the Church provide decent places of worship at an affordable cost. Currently any church which has saved for more than six months have the opportunity to access a facility up to 300% of their contributions. The local conferences have the duty to assess each church on their ability to pay. The conferences then make a recommendation to the administration of the Fund for final disbursement. Total membership as October 2021 stands at 7,152 - comprising 2 Unions, 19 Conferences, 3 Missions, 2 Administrative Units, 120 institutions (Schools & Clinics), 1,413 churches, 223 Districts, and 5,372 denominational workers and church members.

AHCoF Ghana celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. During the 10th anniversary, the Board decided to allow Church members whose churches are on the Fund to join. The products under this new arrangement are M’anidasoo and Medaakye products. The Fund expects the Church member (CM) products to attract funds for project funding within the church.

The Fund received its license to operate as a co-operative on the 20th of September 2022. This would help the institution to introduce more products to satisfy the needs of its members. A state-of-the-art office building complex is to be constructed to provide a befitting identity for the Fund.

Who We are


Adventist Heritage Cooperative Fund Ghana Limited is a faith-based financial institution with the mandate of facilitating financial independence of all Adventists through the provision of innovative financial products.


To be the reference point for faith-based financial services in Ghana through technology, innovation, continuous improvement, and strong ethical values.

Adventist Heritage Co-operative Fund Ltd.

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