Welcome to AHCoF

The Adventist Heritage Co-operative Fund Ltd (AHCoF) is an Institutional based Self-Help Organisation set up by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ghana to assist and provide quality financial support to its members. This is being done through mobilizing and pooling of funds via monthly contribution (savings), and granting of loans at a relatively low interest rate to members. .

Saving provides a financial “backstop” for life's uncertainties and it increases a feeling of security and peace of mind. AHCoF is here to support the Adventist financial independence. We are regulated by the Department of Co-Operative’s under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of the Government of Ghana.

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Our Mission

Adventist Heritage Cooperative Fund Ghana Limited is a faith-based financial institution with the mandate of facilitating financial independence of all Adventists through the provision of innovative financial products.

Our Vision

To be the reference point for faith-based financial services in Ghana through technology, innovation, continuous improvement, and strong ethical values.


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How Do I Become A Member of AHCoF ?

  • Kidi Account
  • Savings Account
  • Purpose Driven Account
  • Loan Account
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NB: The Fund operates MTN mobile money and Telecel Cash services.

Benefits for Joining AHCoF

  • • Financial Independence

    We are here to promote Adventist financial independence by providing loans at a very moderate rate.

  • • Earn Interest Monthly

    Encourage our members to contribute regularly and earn interest on their savings each month.

  • • Shareholders

    Members are shareholders when they acquire shares.This makes every shareholding member is a part owner of AHCoF and participates in decision-making and running of the Fund.

  • • Good Dividend

    Members will earn good dividend on their shares.

  • • Optimum benefits

    Members are offered sound counselling on the church’s stand on stewardship, with regards to money - thus to ensure they derive optimum benefits.

  • • leadership positions

    Members are eligible to be elected to leadership positions in the business of the Fund.

  • • Support evangelism

    And above all, part of AHCoF surplus is allocated to the Union/Conferences to support evangelism.