This is a savings product developed to encourage parents/guardians save for their wards’ future. It also allows parents teach and instil the culture of saving in their wards. The funds are lock and un-accessible until the ward is either 18 or 21 years old (as preferred by guardian), before the funds is released either to be transferred to the ward or withdrawn.

  • • Minimum monthly contribution is GHC20.00

  • • The Kidi account is targeted at children from day 1 through to age 18.

  • • Each child may have his/her own account.

  • • Account operation is handled by a Trustee who is either the parent(s) or guardian.

  • • The child assumes full ownership of the account when trustee transfers ownership at age 18 or 21.

  • • Interest on the Kidi account is currently 14% p.a. for the year 2023. Interest shall be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Download Kidi forms Here