Our loans are designed to meet the needs of members – eg., access funds to finance housing projects, education, medical, rent, personal projects, etc.

  • • A member qualifies for a loan facility, if he/she consistently contributes on a monthly basis into his/her Savings Account (M’anidaso) for six (6+) months or more.

  • • Loans granted are up to three times (3x) the contribution of a member.

    1. Loan Repayment period for a credit facility is between one (1) month to thirty-six (36) months for church member(s)

    2. Loan repayment period for a credit facility is between one (1) month to sixty (60) months for Church Entities and church worker(s)

    3. All Terms & Conditions apply.

  • • Members are to consistently contribute into their Savings Account (M’anidaso) while servicing their loan.

  • • Our loans are offered repayment on the flat rate basis (straight line).

  • • The current interest rate on loan is 15% per annum, for the year 2023.

  • • Processing fee of 3% shall be charged on loan facility.

  • • Guarantor forms are to be filled by church member(s) requesting loan.

  • • Members can not apply for new loans whiles servicing the old loan. One loan at a time.

  • • AHCoF do not give top-up loans nor does AHCoF accept set-off with ones’ contribution.

  • • Members can obtain Loan application forms directly from AHCoF office;

    1. Union/Conference – for church workers, churches/districts, conferences/institutions

    2. District/Church – for church members.

    3. Sent via Whatapp.

  • • Call or walk-in and speak with our office to find out more.

Loan Account Form